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Perpetual Membership Program

Why Become a Perpetual Member of The Valley of The Firelands?

  • You will leave a legacy — your perpetual membership will support the Valley of the Firelands for years to come.
  • You will be exempt from future dues payments and dues increases.
  • You will be investing in one of the most innovative and fastest-growing Masonic organizations in Ohio.

The VOF Perpetual Membership program is based on an actuarial table, which is based on your age, not your current number of years as a member. So, the older you are, the more affordable this opportunity is for you. Your payment will be invested for a year. Thereafter, the Valley will draw off the interest on your investment as your annual dues. Your original payment will never be touched.

View the current pricing table by clicking here.

To receive an application for Perpetual Membership, contact the Valley Secretary:

Ill. Duane Kemerley, 33o
P.O. Box 98
Tiffin, OH 44883


You can also download a PDF version of the application by clicking here, then sending it with your payment for the full amount to the Valley Secretary at the address above.

To pay with a credit card or PayPal, contact Larry Rentz, Treasurer, at lrentz@woh.rr.com or Tony Wise, Assistant Treasurer, at wisea3@gmail.com.

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