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The "Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret" Jewel is a pocket jewel worn in your suit coat jacket. It is awarded by the Supreme Council to a member who has witnessed all 29 degrees of the Scottish Rite twice, encouraging our membership to revisit the degrees as part of a culture of lifelong learning and reflection.
The Black Cap is a basic uniform component for a Scottish Rite Mason. Once out of fashion, the Valley of the Firelands has returned the black cap to a mark of distinction in Ohio Scottish Rite Masonry. Every Scottish Rite Mason receives a black cap upon having his membership petition accepted and witnessing the 4th Degree.
The Kilbourne Lodge of Perfection consists of degrees 4 through 14. Elected officers of the Lodge of Perfection wear yellow caps with this emblem upon their hats. The degrees of the Lodge of Perfection center around many Biblical settings in and around the time of Solomon’s Temple. The head of the Lodge is styled "Thrice Potent Master."
A 14th degree ring is another custom for Masons who have completed the Lodge of Perfection. Consisting of a gold band with the Hebrew character “Yod” enclosed in a Triangle, the inside of the ring is inscribed or imprinted with the Latin phrase “Virutus Junxit Mors Non Separatabit”—“Those whom virtue has joined, death cannot separate”. This ring is given to Firelands members as part of their 14th degree experience.
The Seneca-Green Springs Council of Princes of Jerusalem consists of the 15th and 16th degrees. Elected officers of the Council wear yellow caps bearing the scales of justice. The Council degrees are part of our “tentpole” system of required degrees before a member is invited to the 32nd degree ceremony. The head of the Council is styled "Sovereign Prince."
The Platt Benedict Chapter of Rose Croix consists of the 17th and 18th degrees. Translated as “Rose Cross”, the symbolism of this degree has a deep and meaningful connection in several esoteric societies. Scottish Rite Masonry uses these degrees to teach the “New Law of Love” for our members to emulate in their daily lives. Elected Chapter officers wear yellow caps bearing the rosy cross. The head of the Chapter is styled "Most Wise Master."
The Sandusky and the Firelands Consistory consists of degrees 19 through 32. The Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction prides itself as the “University of Freemasonry” and the degrees of the Consistory contain timeless lessons that are taught through allegories in a wide variety of historical settings. Elected Consistory officers wear a yellow cap bearing the double-headed Eagle of Lagash. The head of the Consistory is styled "Commander-in-Chief."
The 32nd Degree: Witnessing the 32nd degree is restricted within the Valley of the Firelands. To witness the 32nd degree, a Brother must have attended the 4th degree as well as 8 other “Core Value” degrees within the degree systems of the Scottish Rite. Portrayals of the 32nd degree are considered special occasions within the Valley of the Firelands, and a member will be invited to a conferral upon completing the above requirements.
The 32nd degree pin, placed on the member’s cap above the double-headed eagle, is not granted after witnessing the 32nd degree. This high honor is reserved for Valley of the Firelands members who have witnessed all 29 degrees within the Scottish Rite. Attending conferrals within other recognized Valleys can be counted towards this requirement if the passport book is stamped.
“Master of the Rite” is a lapel pin that is presented to members after they have witnessed their 10 chosen Scottish Rite degrees, qualifying them for invitation to the Valley of the Fireland's 32nd degree presentation.
The Valley of the Firelands Blazer and Eagle of Lagash necktie is a custom of the Firelands. Blazers, ties, and even Scottish Rite buttons are available for purchase through the Web Store link on our website.
The Meritorious Service Award is conferred upon those who have served the Valley of the Firelands with distinction. Limited in number of conferrals, the recipients are named by the Board of Directors and recognized with special honors during the annual Ohio Council of Deliberation, traditionally held each June. MSA members are distinguished by their red caps.
The thirty-third degree, Sovereign Grand Inspector General is the highest degree to be granted and is conferred by the Supreme Council. A brother cannot apply for this degree. Each year at the annual meeting of the Supreme Council, a select few of Thirty-second Degree Masons are elected to receive the Thirty-third Degree. Nominations for this degree are made by the Deputies of each of the fifteen states after consultation with their fellow Active Members. Nominations are then submitted to the entire Active Membership of the Supreme Council for ballot. Following election by unanimous vote, candidates await the next annual meeting when the Degree is conferred in full ceremonial form. Honorary members of the Supreme Council are distinguished by wearing the white cap.
The Supreme Council is composed of 49 trustees and are known as Active Members. Each of the 15 states within the Northerm Masonic Jurisdiction has an Active Member designated as a Deputy. The Deputy serves as the executive officer for Scottish Rite Freemasonry within his state. He is supported by the remaining Active Members of the state. Active members of Supreme Council are distinguished by their purple caps.

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