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Frequently Asked Questions:

About Membership...

Q: I'm not a member of the Scottish Rite. Will I be able to join the Valley of the Firelands as a new member?

A: All Master Masons in good standing are invited to join the Valley of the Firelands. Fill out our Petition fully, sign it and have two Firelands Members countersign it. The link to the Petition is here.

Q: What is the cost of a plural Membership?

A: The Plural Membership Fee is $150.00 the first year, in addition to your Primary Valley dues. After the first year, the annual dues for the Valley of the Firelands is $95.

Q: I'm a life member of an existing Valley. Can I transfer my life membership to the Valley of the Firelands?

A: Unfortunately not, a plural membership would be the best option if you wished to participate in the Valley of the Firelands. Plural Members have a "Primary Membership" with a Valley, it is your choice to designate either of the Valleys.

Q: Will I be required to remain a plural member paying dues to two Valleys in the future?

A: No. The Valley of The Firelands has received its Charter and a plural members can decide if he wishes to remain a plural member or demit to The Valley of The Firelands from his former Valley. To transfer your membership to The Valley of The Firelands, submit a Demit / Affiliation Form.

Q: Can I stay a plural member but change my primary Valley to The Valley of The Firelands?

A. Yes. To change your primary Valley to The Valley of The Firelands, submit a Change Primary Valley / Demit Form.

Q: I hold a demit from another Northern Masonic Jurisdiction Valley. May I Petition to join the Valley of the Firelands? 

A: Yes. 

Q. I want to join The Valley of The Firelands, but my membership lapsed some time ago and I'm NPD. How can I reaffiliate to The Valley of the Firelands?

A. This can be done, but the process and the amount due will depend on the arrangements that are made with the Valley where your membership must be reinstated. To start this process, submit a Restore / Demit / Affiliate Form.

Q: What do I receive for the $150.00 fee?

A: The short answer is "regalia," including a Prayer Cap, Lapel Pin, and other items denoting fraternal and personal growth. If you have not yet done so, a full answer to this question lies in the "Our Valley" page of the website. The "Why Join" and "Concept Statement," are key to the "Firelands Brand" and the type of Scottish Rite man that you strive to become. 

How do I participate as a Member?...

Q: Will it be possible to participate as an officer in the Valley of the Firelands or participate in degree portrayal.

A: Yes, the Valley of The Firelands will have the four bodies of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction – Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite (Lodge of Perfection, Council of Princes of Jerusalem, Chapter of Rose Croix, Consistory). The top two positions of each body are elected. The remaining positions in each Body are determined by the Board. All Officers have well-defined roles and goals and are selected and advanced by merit.

Other ways to participate in the Valley are as a member or leader of a Stagecraft Team or Valley Club.

Q: When will the Valley of the Firelands hold its meetings and where?

A: Navigate to the Events Calendar page of the Valley Website. Details for meetings can be found there.  

Contact an Officer: Email - secretary.valleyofthefirelands@gmail.com     
Phone - (419) 552-1483       Principal Location - North-central Ohio
Mailing Address: The Valley of the Firelands, P.O. Box 98, Tiffin, Ohio 44883
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