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Past and Present Valley of the Firelands Presiding Officers

Year Hector Kilborne Lodge of Perfection Seneca-Green Springs Council of Princes of Jerusalem Platt Benedict Chapter of Rose Croix Sandusky and the Firelands Consistory
2016-2017 Ron Runion Duane Kemerly Joseph Radocy Charles Murphey
2017-2018 Steve Cooley Caid McKinley Joseph Radocy Charles Murphey
2018-2019 Steve Cooley Caid McKinley Ronald Drebert Jeffrey Kaple
2019-2020 Steve Hessler Jordan Lawrence Duane Kemerley Jeffrey Kaple
2020-2021 Steve Hessler Jordan Lawrence Gail Reeder Douglas Kranch
2021-2022 Michael Cooley Jeffery Ingersoll Gail Reeder Douglas Kranch
2022-2023 Michael Cooley Jeffery Ingersoll Robert Cooke Alan Bacon
2023-2024 William Bevens Anthony Wise Robert Cooke Alan Bacon
2024-2025 William Bevens Anthony Wise Cody Noon Russell Beach


Year State Deputy's Representative
2016-2019 Douglas King
2019-2022 Eric Schau
2022-current Joseph Radocy


Year Valley Executive Secretary
2016-2019 Ronald Drebert
2019-2021 Dwight Damschroder
2021-current Duane Kemerley


Year Valley Treasurer
2016-current Larry Rentz


Year Valley Assistant Treasurer
2021-current Anthony Wise


Year Valley Webmaster
2016-current Douglas Kranch


Year Valley Assistant Webmaster
2024-current Jeremy Tavenner


Year Valley Tyler
2018-current Arnold Humphreys
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