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2017 News

Degree Catch-up Day, November 25, 2017

Thirty-one members of the Valley of the Firelands Valley attended the Degree Catch-up Day held in Golden Rule Lodge in Willard, OH. The 4th degree was presented for new members, followed by the 7th and 23rd degrees in the table format and the 12th degree in the study format. 

26th Degree, Friend and Brother Eternal

The Valley of the Firelands put on the 26th Degree, Friend and Brother Eternal, on Wednesday, June 21, 2017, at Green Springs Lodge #427 and on Saturday, June 25, at Ely Lodge #424 in Vermillion.

This degree gave lessons of integrity and devotion to country in a Civil War setting. The Study Degree format was used, including presentations on the background of the degree, the historical context, the characters, the philosophy, and the masonic core values of the degree.

14th Degree: Grand Elect Mason

On Friday evening, May 5, 2017, the Eliadah Lodge of Perfection portrayed the 14th degree in an excellent theater presentation in Oberlin Lodge #380 in Oberlin, Ohio. They then shared fellowship, and enjoyed an opportunity to Connect, Learn & Growth with The Valley of The Firelands.

John Pine of Gibson Lodge #301 and Nelson Fontane of Stonington Lodge #503 were inducted into the Valley of the Firelands and then capped and pinned.

The Eliadah Lodge of Perfection Cast included Donald Ensor (Medina #58), Joseph Huber (University Heights. #738), Earl Haywood Bey III (Clifton Gaston Allen #664), Aarne Lillo (University Heights. #738), Jason Stitak (John W, Barkley #621), Robert Wakefield (John W, Barkley #621), Dr. Ross R. Black II, 33°, TPM (Mt. Akra #680), Arthur Dunger (Quarry #382), William Stamper (John W. Barkley #621), Kenneth Crouse, M.S.A. (Medina #58), Richard Phend (Solon #757), Howard Lev (University Hts. #738)

Below are photos taken of the evening.

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