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  • 4th Degree - Master Traveler & STUDY DEGREE - 12th Degree - Knight of Valor (Master of Mercy Degree)

All degree formats begin with informative background information and discussion both before and after the degree presentation, The difference among the three formats is in the way the degree allegory is presented.

  • Study/digital format: The degree is presented in a digital format, usually video projection.
  • Table format: The degree is presented by being read in a manner similar to a radio play. Audience members are encouraged to take part. Sound effects and limited properties may be used.
  • Live format: The degree is presented in dramatic format on stage with appropriate sound, lighting and properties.

4th Degree - Master Traveler & STUDY DEGREE - 12th Degree - Knight of Valor (Master of Mercy Degree)

  • October 29, 2016
  • 9:15 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Norwalk Masonic Lodge, 319 E. Main St. Norwalk, OH 44857
  • 147


  • Master Mason in good standing.

    Petition & $150 in hand.
  • SR Valley Dues Card

    Petition & $150 in hand.
  • Blue Lodge Dues Card

    Demit Letter in hand.

    Petition and $150 in hand.

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Join us to begin your Journey to the East.

The Valley of the Firelands shall confer the 4th Degree Master Traveler for any Master Mason in good standing with Petition in hand and a $150 Initiation Fee.

Additionally, The Valley shall embark on a new facet of Scottish Rite Masonry through the communication of the 12th Degree - Master of Mercy  (Joseph and his brothers) through a STUDY DEGREE. What is this you ask?

In this setting, we will present the complete in one form or another and in addition, we  will have presentations on the background of the degree, the historical context, the characters, the philosophy, and the masonic core values of the degree in depth.

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