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    The Valley of The Firelands    

Officers and Committees

Deputy’s Representative
MWB Eric R. Schau (aka Rick)
Wife: Linda
Email: eschau45@gmail.com
Chair, Board of Trustees
Joseph C. Radocy
Wife: Connie
Email: joeradocy@aol.com
Secretary, Board of Trustees
Dwight D. Damschroder
Wife: Patricia
Email: secretary.valleyofthefirelands@gmail.com
Thrice Potent Master, Kilbourne Lodge of Perfection
Steve K. Hessler
Email: shessler32@hotmail.com
Sovereign Prince, Seneca-Green Springs Council of Princes of Jerusalem
Caid McKinley
Email: caid@caidmckinley.com
Most Wise Master, Platt Benedict Chapter of Rose Croix
Duane A. Kemerley
Wife: Debra
Email: dkemerley@gmail.com
Commander-in-Chief, Consistory of Sandusky and The Firelands
Jeffrey K. Kaple
Wife: Lori
Email: Bo745@neo.rr.com

Board of Trustees

Joseph C. Radocy, Chairman and Trustee

William E. Laughlin,  Trustee

Russell E. Beach, Trustee

Steven K. Hessler, Thrice Potent Master, Hector Kilbourne Lodge of Perfection

Caid McKinley,  Sovereign Prince, Seneca-Green Springs Princes of Jerusalem

Duane A. Kemerley,  Most Wise Master, Platt Benedict  Rose Croix

Jeffrey K. Kaple,  Commander in Chief, Sandusky & The Firelands Consistory

MWB Eric R. Schau,  Deputy's Representative (non voting)

Larry A. Rentz, Treasurer (non voting)

Dwight D. Damschroder, Secretary (non voting)

Promotional Committee

Douglas A. Kranch

Alan W. Bacon

Charles R. Murphy

Education Committee

Steve K. Hessler, Chairman

Program Committee

Jordan A. T. Lawrence, Chairman

William E. Laughlin

Russel E. Beach

Steven B. Cooley

Michael J, Cooley

Jeffrey A. Ingersol

Craig Kinsley

Patrick A. Nieset

Degree Oversight Committee

Duane A. Kemerley, Chairman

Jeffrey A. Ingersol

Cody D. Noon

Howard D. Park

Hospitality Committee

William M. Bevens, Chairman

Gail E. Reeder

Manny R. Cantu

Arnold L. Humphreys

Dennis L. Claxton

David C. Claxton

Fraternal Care Committee

Dwight D. Damschroder, Chairman

William E. Laughlin

Joseph G. Anthony

Samuel W. Jacob

Robert R. Cooke

Patrick A. Nieset

Finance Committee

Larry A. Rentz, Chairman

Gary A. Miller

David Wilkinson

Alan W. Bacon

Richard J. Herr

Communications Committee

Caid McKinley, Chairman

Russel E. Beach

Joseph C. Radocy

Daniel J. Harr

James E. Berry

Lodge Audit Committee

Bradley A. Shaver, Chairman

Ralph E. Bently

Nelson Fontanez

Charles H. Hayward

Tom L. Hilton

Eric L. Stansbery

Joel E. Brown

Membership Assistance Committee

Douglas A. Kranch, Chairman

Eric R. Schau

Daniel A. Brake

Contact an Officer: Email - secretary.valleyofthefirelands@gmail.com     
Phone - (419) 552-1483       Principal Location - North-central Ohio
Mailing Address: The Valley of the Firelands, P.O. Box 98, Tiffin, Ohio 44883
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