Why must you, a Master Mason, find and walk the path of a Master Traveler toward becoming a Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret?

Know this: The fraternity is created to bind men, worthy and interested in improving themselves and those about them, creating better lives in their circle of influence.

We improve ourselves through education, remembering and applying the lessons put forth along the path.

The most essential lessons taught in Blue Lodge create the standing required to ignite further learning and knowledge. This extended path of Scottish Rite Development aids us in surrendering our ego, that which drives our extraneous passions, taking us off the "path." The lessons nurture the innate curiosity present within each of us, the drive to discover truths lying within us and about us, strengthening our resolve, overcoming adversity, thus improving our nature and mankind.

While it is essential to season in the teachings of the Blue Lodge, further development is discovered, unveiled and imparted in the working of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR) Degrees.

Everything is larger, deeper, wider and impactful. The Degrees issue forth from the Hiramic Legend and move through more modern times.

The delivery of the lessons occur at Table, in your Lodge and in regional locations in the round and on Stage.

As you consider taking the next step with your Masonic life, know this: you shall find more men such as yourself, having family, vocational and manly personal interests that match and extend to meet your own. Many describe this as the Masonic Network.

Should you hold interest in developing your leadership skills, the AASR provides the proving ground. The skill does not need to be built from great leaps of responsibility, but may take a more measured path over a little longer term. The most enlightened recount that this learning never ceases.

Know that both structured and informal gatherings occur. Initiation, Ceremony, Ritual, Rites of Passage, Mixers and Feasts are the watch words of the Scottish Rite.

Revisiting the "Why:" Connect with your Brethren, Learn, and Grow as a Man, as a Mason, and as a Leader. Share this experience with those already committed to this Path.

Join and participate in the University of Freemasonry, the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, the Valley of the Firelands; Fuel, Ignite and Fire Your Masonic Passion.


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