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Valley of the Firelands Speakers Club

The Speakers Club is an important avenue for developing Masonic leadership. It also provides stimulating, enjoyable, and rewarding Masonic fellowship. The value you gain from the club depends on your goals and the effort you put into the club.

As you prepare your speeches, you will become better informed about Masonry’s history, rituals, and lessons to use them in your speeches. You will also develop a wider vocabulary so that the exact word you need to clearly communicate your thoughts will be at your command. Finally, the speaking assignments will provide guided experience to develop your speaking expertise and confidence.

It takes time to acquire a fund of knowledge about people, the world, events, and Masonry, and to develop a vocabulary that will express this knowledge in interesting, exact, yet simple language. And it takes the experience of speaking before others to rise above your initial self-consciousness and gain the confidence of an accomplished speaker. Through the time and experience spent working through the three levels of the Club's twenty-one speeches, you will develop the skills to prepare speeches on a wide variety of topics. You will also learn to perceive the way your audience is reacting to your message and adjust your message to fit that audience at that moment.

The Speakers Club is a tool that can prepare you for greater service to the craft. Your speaking ability will be noticed, and you will be asked to serve when the need arises. The Speakers Club will help you become a better Mason for your brothers, family, and community. The benefits you derive will come from the effort you put into your assignments. The club will give you the tools you need and the opportunity to use them. 

Those who complete all the speech assignments will be entitled to wear the Speakers Club jewel at Valley meetings and the Speakers Club pin at all other Masonic gatherings.

Members of the Valley of the Firelands are welcome to apply for membership. Other Masons will also be considered for membership. New members will be accepted as space permits. For more information about the Speakers Club, contact douglaskranch@gmail.com.

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