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Eligibility for the 32nd Degree

Members whose primary valley is the Valley of the Firelands must have witnessed a total of 10 degrees to be eligible to receive the 32nd degree. Specifically:

  • The 4th degree
  • The 14th degree
  • The 15th or 16th degree
  • The 17th or 18th degree
  • At least one degree from the Consistory (19th through 31st degrees)
  • Five additional degrees from any of the four bodies

You can keep track of the degrees you have witnessed by examining your profile in the Members section of this Website. The Valley adds the date you witnessed each degree to your profile soon after you witness each one.

You can include degrees you witness in other valleys by showing the dated stamped degree page in your passport to anyone at Registration at any Valley of the Fireland's degree conferral.

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